Startup: Gift A Ball

- October 31, 2011 < 1 MIN READ

I always love coming across a new and quirky gift idea. Dejan Andrevski has created just that with his new start up Gift a Ball. The 25 year old only launched this business a few weeks ago, but already it is causing a buzz in business circles, with Andrevski being named a Startup Smart Future maker just last week in their awards for 25 and under entrepreneurs.

There are a range of Balls for every occasion with sayings such as “Congrats All Round” and “Sorry I dropped the Ball” being two of our personal favourites. There are also plenty of other sayings and balls in the works, which will expand the line and amount of fun you can have gifting them out. The great thing is all the balls arrive fully inflated and ready to use.

Andrevski is a serial entrepreneur with his next venture in the pipeline ready to go once this business is fully automated. Personally we think this type of gifting is going to take off into a nice little money maker.