Startup: Comintel strengthens commercial intelligence for SME’s

- October 4, 2011 < 1 MIN READ

Comintel is a small business built to help small business.

Comintel provides commercial intelligence for small business. The same sort of intelligence used by large businesses is now available for small businesses from www.comintel.com.au.

They launched with little fanfare in June but has been working hard to build on a solid base. Powerful new intelligence has been added to its armoury for small to medium size businesses.

The latest intelligence for pharmacists shows them the value of their market, and identifies the incidence of chronic illness by postcode. Pharmacists can find those who most need help.

Financial planners can now view the number of people by age group, with Self-Managed Super Funds within a postcode and then drill down to find them within 200 dwellings.

Tyre Dealers and Auto Servicing shops can now see how many vehicles are kept in their postcode, and then know the demand for tyres and batteries.

Pubs and nightclubs can find the 20 somethings they seek to fill their bars and dance floors.

Mortgage brokers can see the number of mortgages, within a postcode, then drill down to see the size of the mortgages and find them within 200 dwellings.

Power of commercial intelligence is now with people who need it.