Startup: Class Parrot

- October 7, 2011 < 1 MIN READ

ClassParrot is a new mobile service that enables teachers to get in touch with their students via SMS, in a way that doesn’t compromise anybody’s safety. ClassParrot ensures that the numbers of students are always kept private – teachers send their text messages to ClassParrot, they never get to know the actual numbers they are sending their SMSes to. That is, teachers message their students through the ClassParrot website. And just to make things even more transparent, parents can opt-in to receive the messages which are being sent, too.

A platform like ClassParrot can be used to remind students about upcoming tests and exams, to send homework updates, to announce events that students could be interested in attending… these are just some of the most obvious uses that spring to mind. And in all cases, we’re talking about a platform that is letting teachers save not only time but also unnecessary headaches.

ClassParrot is completely free to use.



[via KillerStartups.com ]