Some Social Media Tips from Ash

- October 24, 2011 < 1 MIN READ

Lacking followers in your social networks? Use these tips to bump up the numbers!


Follow the followers of your competition. They in return, will hopefully follow you back. You can also search for people with similar interests to you and do the same! Remember, keep an eye on your new followers and be sure to follow back.

Facebook Fanpage

Search for other fanpages with similar or related content to yours. Add them all to your page’s favourites and join in the on the conversations that are being had on the wall and in the discussion tabs. Facebookers will hopefully notice you and check out your fanpage too!


Just like in Facebook, track down blogs, which are similar to your own and comment on new postings. Remember it’s important not to push your own blog when doing this, just casually join in on the conversation and followers will grow organically.

And as always, with any social networking site, quality rules quantity every time! Don’t measure your success by the amount of followers you have, but by the interactions you have with your followers! Good luck!