Social Startup: Kare Kard

- October 4, 2011 3 MIN READ

Anyone who has taken part in a fundraising drive knows the difficulties involved. Consistent problems include how to generate funds, what to sell, finding willing volunteers and when to start again.

Imagine if those difficulties are removed and you can start an ongoing, functional fundraising event from the comfort of your desk. Kare Kard allows you to do just that.

Kare Kard CEO Samantha Martin says, “Kare Kard offers a unique fundraising model that people will actually want to belong to.“No more sausage sizzles or door knocking. Pressure selling to your friends to buy another chocolate bar to support the local footy club will become a thing of the past.” The recent launch of Kare Kard as an alternative to cumbersome fundraising efforts means three things:

 The nature of fundraising will change.

 Charities and organisations will get a boost in donations.

 Members of the Kare Community will enjoy thousands of dollars in savings on retail goods and partner products.

Kare Kard has created a community whereby the giving nature of Australians has important, positive social ramifications as well as benefits for the donor and cause. Known as the Kare Community, this is a new and unique program which exemplifies the power of giving and is financially rewarding for all those who participate.

Through Kare Kard people can generate funds for just about anything they set their mind to. They can even create their own cause and share it with family and friends. Kare Kard is ideal for school fundraisers, sporting associations and any organisation that doesn‟t have the manpower or funds to hold a major event.

“We built a product based on what people told us they wanted and that members will actually use,” Samantha says. “They will see real, long term savings.”

Kare Kard has created a unique product that has the potential to not only raise thousands of dollars, but save thousands of dollars as well. For just $49.95 per annum, Kare Kard – through its unique business model – has put the reward back into rewards programs, through a very simple and easy to use process.

Fundraising groups identify potential members and invite them to their Kare Community. Members who join receive discounts for everyday living expenses including groceries, fuel and even a trip to the movies, while the nominated fundraiser gets a percentage of the membership purchase price.There is no points accumulation and no „one-off deals‟. Furthermore, these offers are available for 12 months from the exact day a member joins – not some pre-determined date – meaning you can approach your fundraising at any time of the year that suits you or your potential members.

“The retailers we work with are brand name national retailers offering everyday discounts as opposed to a „one only‟ offer in a day spa in a suburb 100 kilometres away from where you live or a tear out voucher that can only be used once for a cheap meal”

Kare Kard works on the mantra that to give is human, to Kare is divine. Its unique business model means that people can enjoy great savings on everyday living expenses, while knowing that the money they spend is dedicated to a particular charity, fundraising event or community group.

In fact, 20% from every Kard purchased goes to the personally nominated fundraising cause.

“In this current economic climate where consumers are looking for real savings, we have the answer,” Samantha says.

“Community Groups and local associations are really struggling to raise funds, particularly in the wake of natural disasters and as the cost of living makes it more difficult for the average Joe to make ends meet. Kare Kard takes care of that. Australians are some of the most generous people in the world and this is a system that gives them something back when they support their community. People will want to become Kare Kard members to support the cause or community group and they will see real value for themselves with everyday savings. In the end, everybody wins.”

Kare Kard‟s launch Causes are well known organisations such as Vision Australia, SIDS and Kids – Red Nose Day, the Layne Beachley Foundation, Autism Spectrum Australia to Geelong BMX and the Southern Ash Wildlife Centre ( the centre that rescued and cared for Sam the Koala from the Black Saturday Bushfires) Everyone can start a fundraising page easily online with all the tools that Kare Kard provide, all from the comfort of your computer.