Please hold the line, I’ll put you through to…

- October 20, 2011 < 1 MIN READ

Sometimes the big Telco’s really shit me. Today my provider Optus and I spent my lunch time and then some trying to figure out where the hell my new iphone 4S was. Generally I have found Optus to be a great carrier and very helpful. But today proved to me that even a slightly inconvenient interaction or delay from a business to a customer can turn a long term loyalty sour.

Being from a Contact Centre industry background, I am always very aware of the happenings that go on behind call centre walls – people placing themselves on “not ready” and increasing call waiting times, people not listening during training and having no bloody clue what they are talking about on the phone and Trainers not delivering the correct information from the top down. With this in mind, I always ensure I remain calm as relativly pleasant.

Today tested my patience though. One of my pet hates in business is people that pass the buck and cold transfer you to other departments. It’s lazy and reflects badly on the company they represent. In the end I still don’t actually know when my new phone is coming or when I should be expecting to recieve it.

With startups in the Telco space breeding like rabbits, it is only going to be a matter of time before the big boys start to lose their market share. When it comes to mobile technologies, who owns all the lines and exchanges will soon become irrelevant. I just hope the next generation of telco’s deliver a customer service model to match their technologies.