NLYZR new SEO tool helping Startups!

- October 4, 2011 2 MIN READ

While most small & medium Australian business owners use the Internet to find information about products and services, just over half of them use a website to promote their own business.

This discrepancy alone is significant, and is compounded by the trend among businesses to skip on an online marketing strategy. A new study by NLYZR (pronounced analyzer) indicates that those businesses with a website rarely invest further to succeed online. This means that many miss out on high volumes of website traffic from search engines and accessing the lucrative online retail market.

A major factor in online retail success is a presence in search engine results. When Australians are looking to buy online, 97% of the time they start by using a search engine. Ranking highly offers a significant opportunity to capture visitors ready & willing to enquire, book or purchase.

“The first and most essential challenge for any business wanting to compete online is to be easily found in search for relevant search terms. This alone can make an incredible difference to your business, ” says NLYZR founder Craig Wilson.

Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) specialist startup NLYZR today released results of a study of 6000 Australian websites. The results confirm that the majority of sites are not up to scratch when it comes to SEO. 87% of the sites had substandard SEO, and 29% had no SEO at all. Just 6% were properly optimised.

Given that Australians will spend more than $13 billion online this year, a strong online presence needs to become a high priority for small & medium Australian businesses.

Research shows that Australian businesses identify a lack of time, knowledge and resources as barriers to successful online marketing.

“The more we spoke to businesses about their online marketing, we realised that most found search too complicated to understand and solutions too hard to implement. We decided to develop NLYZR, a website optimisation system that anyone could use. Our overriding principle was to keep it simple, clear and easy-to- use. We wanted to give business owners and marketers the information they really need to compete successfully online, even if they weren’t web geeks themselves”, Wilson explained.

NLYZR has just launched a website optimisation tool that makes SEO and being found online simple, quick and cost-effective.

Businesses can test their website’s SEO using NLYZR’s free tool here: http://www.nlyzr.com