Leo invests in new tech Startup

- October 27, 2011 < 1 MIN READ

Of late there have been quite a few celebrities investing in tech startups and startups in general – including our own Hugh Jackman, who has recently co-founded a new incubator and coffee and tea company that supports and grows developing countries.

Leo was recently involved in a 4 million dollar seed round along with other pretty high profile investors for a new visual social media platform called Mobli. DiCaprio will take on an advisory position at Mobli. So what does Mobli do?

People can take both pictures and videos and the application will automatically tag each media with a location or major event in the vicinity. You can also write tags that other users can search for, allowing you to gain specific followers that match your interest.

Personally I think it is very much like Instagram, other than the automatic location tagging. However there seems to be an influx of celebrity users coming on board – so we think this one may have some legs. Especially if some of the larger followed “social” celebs like Beiber, Gaga and Kardashian come to the party.

Mobli is available on iTunes now.


picture [www.socialtimes.com]