Fashion Startup: Frankie & Nicole

- October 4, 2011 2 MIN READ

The highly anticipated Frankie & Nicole range of fashionable nightwear has been launched by designer Nicole Dixon.

The trendy designs are meeting strong demand from the fast-growing upmarket sleepwear industry with a range of chic, stylish and sophisticated pyjamas now available for both women and men.

Having dabbled in jewellery design last year, Nicole is a new jewel in the ultra-competitive fashion industry. Alongside her brother Francesco, aka Frankie, she created a men’s t-shirt range several years ago. Thriving on the creativity but lacking the passion for men’s t-shirts, her attention quickly turned to women’s sleepwear after discovering a clear gap in the market.

The idea was to design and create stylish and practical sleepwear options that make you ‘feel special’ and would have you wanting to be ‘caught in your pjs’. Nicole said one of the Frankie & Nicole philosophies is to ensure the collection didn’t look similar to those that a 12 year old would wear.

“When it comes to pyjamas, the market is saturated with either cutesy graphic prints or saucy lingerie style pieces. When I couldn’t find anything in between, I decided to do something about it,” she said.

“Have you ever been caught in a slinky little nightie that has, let’s be honest, seen better days? And how many times has the courier man or the tradesman turned up at your doorstep unexpectedly? Bet those cute little boxer shorts didn’t seem so cute anymore.

“I want people to feel confident in their sleepwear and at Frankie & Nicole, our garments are specially designed so you can look and feel great while being completely comfortable and relaxed.

Each piece from the Frankie & Nicole collection  has been designed with a more generous and flattering fit. Tops feature adjustable straps and a light lining with an elastic bust line to offer more support. The sleepwear designs also have longer hemlines, so you don’t feel like you’re walking around in your underwear. Premium fabrics and quality craftsmanship result in fashionable nightwear that stands the test of time.

“We believe we have addressed all the issues that women traditionally face with pyjama designs available on the market today, and our exclusive ‘For him, For her’ collection is something that we believe couples will really go for,” she said.

At Frankie & Nicole versatility is paramount which is why each piece can be mixed and matched ensuring a range of looks and styles without the hefty price tag. Women’s pants, nighties, camisoles and robes  can be worn together or separately; while the men’s range of sleep shorts and pants can be paired together as part of the  exclusive ‘For him, For her’ collection.

“From weekend breakfasts in bed and coffee on the deck to cuddles on the couch and lazy Sunday’s, Frankie & Nicole’s philosophy of incorporating lifestyle requirements into each sleepwear design is a fast emerging trend to provide fashion savvy consumers with the freedom to lounge around in style well before the traditional bed time.

Frankie and Nicole have been receiving a lot of publicity regarding these simple and sophisticated pj’s across all forms of media, including on hit day time TV show The Circle.