Street Signs.

- October 11, 2011 2 MIN READ

I admit it, sometimes I blur the lines between being a renegade entrepreneur and actually disobeying the law. Not the big laws like stealing, just the “small” one’s like ignoring no parking signs and clearway zones.

Last night when I got home one of the employees from the portugese chicken shop was parked in “my” spot in the laneway down the side of my place. So I parked on the main road, which turns into a clear way around 7am with every intention of moving my car into the lane once the shops had closed at night. I totally forgot.

As I was mincing about this morning taking my time to get ready, I had one of those “Oh Shit” moments and whilst putting my final shoe on, I had already started racing around to where my car was, thinking -I am so going to be beeped by 100 people for blocking the lane, which had just become a clear way around 5 mins ago. When I got there, my car was gone!

Now at this point I need to stress that I have never before had a car towed, so I did what any crazy drama queen would do – called triple zero.  “My Car has been stolen!” I wailed dramatically to the voice on the other end of the phone. To cut a long story short, I was informed that I should first check down the nearest side street to the left as if a car is towed that is usually where it is taken and if I can’t find it – I should then dial the police assistance line. I had to do both those things as they basically towed the car all the way to the next suburb.

I am sure that if the SDRO was to segment their customer data, they would find that I am like one of their highest value customers. I only have myself to blame, I don’t believe in sympathy for those that break rules. I need to learn that having an out of the box attitude in business is great, but certain things are in place for certain reasons.

This will be my second parking fine I have gotten in a week, when it arrives in the mail. Time to Drive a little further for a park and save the money and put it back into my business.