Brand meets Blog

- October 17, 2011 2 MIN READ

Within six months, mum of two Louisa Claire has gone from casually blogging about her children to heading Brand Meets Blog, a highly successful Australian brand-blogger matchmaking business.  It was ill-matched press releases in her inbox each morning that sparked the idea for the venture earlier this year. Today it boasts major nationals L’Oreal, Holden and Kellogg as clients.

Kellogg Australia corporate communications and PR manager Gareth Lucy said working with Louisa was “massively rewarding’’. “Louisa has provided us with invaluable insight every step of the way and has enabled us to develop some great relationships within the mum blogging community. Louisa is able to find the perfect balance between brands and bloggers so that ultimately everyone walks away having gained something from the introduction,’’ Gareth said.

This month the business continued to expand, with two new team members joining the ranks. For Louisa, the business is a fast-growing beast. Yet, she will always keep its feet firmly planted on the ground, through personal, targeted approaches working with genuine advocates in the mummy, lifestyle and food blogging sectors. These involve blog campaigns and events.

Louisa’s success can be credited to finding a gap in the market, an innate understanding of how bloggers think and talk, and working hard to become a leader. Its success also came down to timing. “The market was ready to move into the online space, but they needed a guide. I’m the guide,’’ she said.

“PR and brands have been starting to engage with bloggers over the past 12 months, but many were struggling to know how to do that well. I have on-the-ground experience using social media as an individual and business owner that you only get by `walking the talk’. Being in touch with both sides of the equation has great benefits for everyone,’’ she said.


Louisa Claire runs Brand Meets Blog, a business that helps connect brands with bloggers for personal and targeted campaigns. Louisa has over four years experience as a personal blogger and working on blogger outreach campaigns involving her own blog, Everything Is Edible. She is also the founder of Mummy Bloggers Blog which caters to the rapidly growing group of blogging Mums in Australia. Louisa is married with two children and lives in Melbourne.