Avery breaks into Startup & Small Business Market

- October 9, 2011 2 MIN READ

Fortune 500 Company Avery Dennison will release its latest range of products to the Australian and New Zealand markets, and in doing so will be embracing the needs of the small and micro-business owner, a brand new target market for the multi-national company.

The Avery Branding & Merchandising range, available in stores in November 2011, is designed to help small business owners establish their brand as niche and ‘much sought after’ right from the time of launch.

“This product range encompasses everything a small business needs to create a professional brand at an affordable price,” says Cannis Fong, Senior Product Manager at Avery Office Products Australia. “When you’re just starting out with a new product such as a new beauty or food range, or as a retailer, it can be hard to create packaging that looks professional because the costs are usually prohibitive. The Avery Branding & Merchandising Range makes professional labeling and packaging accessible to businesses with a very limited budget.”

The product range includes multiple sized and shaped labels, in glossy white and kraft brown finishes, wet-resistant labels ideal for liquid containers such as wine bottles, printable bag toppers, ideal for hand crafted creations such as pot pourri, printable tags with ties, removable shelf tags, removable wall and window signs and much more.

“A business owner can create a fully-branded range of packaging and shelf displays to work with all of their product range as well as gift packaging, shopping bags and in-store signage,” adds Fong.

The range of products will be launched in Australia at the My Biz Expo in Sydney on 6th & 7th October where they will be featured on the products of two Australian small businesses.

“By showcasing two Australian businesses we can really demonstrate how this product range will help to build the brand of a small business right from the beginning. The businesses are a prime example of the challenges a small business owner faces when they are trying to establish themselves in the marketplace,” says Fong.

The Avery range also offers flexibility to a business owner at a time where they may be experimenting with the right look for their brand, may need to update information because of rapid growth or may be adding new products to their range and aren’t in a financial position to commit to a long print run on labels and packaging.

The Avery print to the edge technology means that a small business owner can achieve a stylish, professional look that is normally only available from a professional printing organization.

The products are available in a number of different pack sizes, from 10 labels in the Removable Retail Signs packs to 180 Glossy White Oval Labels, with a range of sizes in between. This gives business owners the flexibility of producing as much or as little as they need.

The range will be available in Officeworks from November 2011.

To see the full range of products available visit www.averyproducts.com.au