A Naughty Startup

- October 24, 2011 2 MIN READ

Online adult store, Naughty Needs is looking to gain momentum in the adult toy market by providing a combination of high quality, grown-­‐up fun, in a refined and discreet fashion.

Naughty Needs spokesperson Lee Boys says, “There is a market for more of a boutique-­‐style online adult store, after taking over Naughty Needs in late 2010 both the look of the website and the product range are being upgraded to provide a unique shopping environment with the new look Naughty Needs being re-­‐launched late November”

Boasting premium quality products, the range is carefully selected by women for women, including interesting and popular pieces that are relevant to the primary customer demographic -­‐ women aged 25-­‐ 45, the variety of products is suitable from the adventurous, to a first-­‐time adult shopper.

“Naughty Needs takes the taboo out of adult shopping, and the website successfully communicates to customers that adult fun can create beneficial results for health, general well-­‐being, relationships, and that sex is is something to be embraced.”

A Naughty Needs customer says, “I’m 35 and had never shopped for adult products before, but I found Naughty Needs to actually be a bit of fun, not scary at all. The website is easy to use, and the fact that my selections were delivered discreetly was excellent.”

Lee says, “The extensive product range at Naughty Needs includes everything from lingerie, to toys for him, her and couples, while keeping up to date with the latest in adult fun. There’s a lot of repeat business, which is largely due to our professional approach and service and with the new upgrade we look to build on that customer base.”

A contributor to the success of Naughty Needs is the user friendly website, which is 100% safe and secure. Naughty Needs ethos is about servicing women’s needs in a fun and private manner, and all products can be reviewed by customers.

Naughty Needs will re-­‐launch in late November, 2011 encompassing a more sophisticated look, with upgraded security and an overall enhanced shopping experience.

“We anticipate the re-­‐launch of Naughty Needs will enhance the brand’s growing image and reputation as a leading and reputable online adult store, creating an enjoyable, safe, and private shopping experience.”