29 year old attracts the Travel Big Guns!

- October 3, 2011 2 MIN READ

Born in Taiwan, raised in Australia, educated in America and now back residing in Sydney, Paul Lin is the 29 year old CEO and Founder of Buuna – a travel social network launched online and on mobile in August 2011.

With an extensive background in software engineering and product design, Paul graduated with First Class Honours from the University of Technology Sydney with Bachelor of Engineering (Software).  Driven by constant inspiration from Silicon Valley success stories, he continued his studies in the US at Stanford University, completing a Masters of Science, Computer Science degree, specialising in Human Computer Interaction (HCI). His advisor was the renowned Terry Winograd who also mentored Larry Page and Sergey Brin, the co-founders of Google.

Upon graduation, Paul spent two years in product management at Oracle headquarters in California, the global leader for database technology and enterprise software.

Apart from software, Paul is passionate about travel, with fond memories of the experiences and people he shared them with. However, he vividly remembers a weekend in winter 2007 when he travelled alone to Seattle, WA. Without knowing where the busy & cool bars were and more importantly, people to go out with, he spent the nights inside the hotel, eating room service and watching movies.  This experience ignited the ambition that drives his company today, the idea behind Buuna  – that there must be a better way to travel and meet other travellers without relying on outdated guidebooks and hostel common rooms.

In 2009, Paul chose to return home to Australia to make his vision in Seattle a reality, founding Buuna and establishing his role as an Australia entrepreneur.  While the US has a more established startup environment, Paul wanted to bring the startup culture back home. He believes strongly in the talent of software engineers in Australia, and the benefit of building an established software industry down under.

Buuna has already attracted the attention of industry big guns with launch partnerships planned with Wotif.com and YHA. Buuna itself is a mobile-based travel social network that connects users to each other and to location based mini reviews and social content. Buuna will show users the latest travel trends around them, so they enjoy the best travel experiences.

As a passionate ambassador for the Australian startup industry, Paul is enthusiastic about promoting and nurturing local talent. His team of 8 include Australian experts from Engineering, Design and Marketing fields, working towards the launch of Buuna in August. Buuna will use first-to-market technology to connect travellers to each other and show them what and where things are happening around them. Buuna is also free and easy to use.

Paul is confident in Buuna’s success. His passion for innovation and the fast paced nature of Startups will keep this young entrepreneur succeeding in the evolving world of consumer benefit technologies.