Tonight on Angela’s Business Mix!

- October 16, 2011 4 MIN READ

Tonight on Angela’s Business Mix

Backing up: How and Why

Marcus Cook has been in the ever changing and developing IT industry for the last 14 years. Marcus initially learnt ‘on the job’ by working as a computer technician for a reputable Sydney company ‘Virtual Circuits’ but the entrepreneurial spirit soon took over and Marcus ventured out on his own with a business IT support company Onemind Pty Ltd. Marcus sold Onemind in 2008 to focus fully on Mobile Geeks and grow the business as the leading computer repair company in Sydney.

Natalie Stepanenko It was not a surprise for Natalie’s friends and colleagues when she ended it up in business because the small business theme could easily be traced through her entire career. For example, Natalie started up in the Australian Competition and Consumer Commission (ACCC) as a Director focusing on small business and franchising needs. Natalie then moved to work for the NSW Government, once again, looking after small business issues and industry development. The involvement with Mobile Geeks happened organically without her noticing until one day  there was no longer any denying that she had got the entrepreneurial bug and was part of a successful business.  Visit their website at Mobile Geeks, follow them on Twitter, like them on Facebook.  Marcus and Natalie will providing their opinion on:

  • Small business owners are not well informed about data backup
  • Why it’s worth investing time and money
  • Avoid discounted products – they will likely let you down
  • What can go wrong

Business, writing and not-for-profit pre-literacy

Ros Moriarty is the MD of Jumbana Pty Ltd Indigenous Design & Strategy and author of “Listening to Country” published by Allen &Unwinin 2010; she is shortlisted by The Age for Book of the Year and is also co-founder & co-chair of not-for-profit Nangala Project.  Ros is a former Graduate of Australian National University, former Radio Australia journalist, and has also held senior positions with Federal Department of Aboriginal Affairs. Other notable mentions include being awarded SA Business Woman of the Year, receiving the Advance Australia Award for Service to Industry and Commerce, and also the St Peter’s Citizenship Award. Ros was named in the Australian Business Women’s Hall of Fame, and was a finalist at the NSW Telstra Business Women’s Awards.  Follow Ros on Twitter, like her on Facebook.

Failure – How to bounce back

Joel Curtis is the owner and principal psychologist of Life Resolutions Miranda. He holds a Master’s degree in Psychology and has over 12 years experience working in his chosen field. Joel’s passion is to help people reach their full potential. His firm belief is that you don’t have to be ‘nuts’ to see a psychologist. Joel works with individuals, couples and groups covering a range of issues and topics. Tonight he will be talking to us about failure and how to comeback for it.  Follow Joel on Twitter, like him on Facebook. Joel will give his opinion on:

  • Failure is about perception
  • Fear causes failure
  • Using failure to improve business
  • Getting back up
  • Do’s and don’ts

Fitness and Bali Fitness Retreats

Jo Sharp has over 18 years experience in the fitness industry.  Her fitness career began with fitness assessments for police recruits.  Over the years she has continued to broaden her knowledge across the fitness industry. Most of the time she is found training clients around the Sutherland Shire but has recently expanded and now hold fitness retreats in Bali on a regular basis.  Visit her website, friend her on Facebook. Jo will give her opinion on:

  • Outdoor training sessions throughout the Sutherland Shire including personal training sessions
  • SpecialSharpMoves events including 3 hour bootcamp coming up in November
  • Bali Fitness Retreats includes bootcamp or pilates retreats.  Clients are asked if possible to pack new or used school shoes to donate to local village schools – kids cannot go to school unless they have appropriate school shoes – have helped approx 40 children start/stay at school
  • Working with Bali Pink Ribbon holding 2 retreats (may 20 & 27) incorporates 5km walk/run to raise awareness of breast cancer in Bali.

Welcome to Auction Day

As a third generation Real Estate Auctioneer, it was only natural for Lisa Watson to follow in the footsteps of her father and great grandfather and work in the family Real Estate business alongside her dad George Knapton& 3 brothers Andrew, Luke & Lee. Being a progressive Auctioneer and constantly looking for the next challenge she then established Auction Day in 2007 to service the St George & Sutherland shire area. This coupled with my passion for fashion, design and her love for homes –helps her keep ahead of the ‘trends’ and constantly on the lookout for proactive and innovate ways to drive awareness during the marketing campaign and get great results on Auction Day.  One of Auction Day’s latest innovating marketing ideas was born working along side Michael Blinkhorn of Real Estate Marketing. Together they produced the pre-auction party video, a lifestyle videos for our vendors and was the first of its kind.  Lisa sees herself as a progressive Auctioneer looking to drive the awareness of great result on Auction Day.  Visit her blog, follow her on Twitter, like Auction Day on Facebook, like Lisa on Facebook. Lisa will give her opinion on:

  • Being a Female Auctioneer
  • Auction Day model used to achieve MAX price is based on time & care
  • Property Lifestyle advertising
  • Before the day and n the day
  • The Saturday before auctions


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