Zwift’s online ordering systems for Independant Restaurants

- September 19, 2011 2 MIN READ

Over the past ten years, with the introduction of mainstream online consumerism and a faster paced society, customers have become accustomed to convenient internet-based ordering. Recognising this shift, large corporate hospitality chains developed ordering websites and now enjoy the rewards of lower operating costs, more streamlined services and increased revenue; resulting in today’s takeaway consumers sacrificing the quality they love from their local restaurants for the convenience they get from ordering online with the larger chains.

Recognising this market shift, Zwift International was founded over 2 years ago with the primary business goal to bring independent Australian restaurants online with advanced web based point of sale (POS) tools to benefit from an online client base. “By focussing on premium quality, unrivalled features, easy to use interfaces and an enjoyable user experience we empower local restaurants to not only maintain their loyal customer base, but reach out to a new generation of online consumers, all with the push of a button” said founder, Brent Chandler.

Zwift represents excellence in online ordering by concentrating on simplicity and personalisation. This ethos has resulted in easy to use systems for restaurants and their customers whilst maximising efficiency and effectiveness. Advanced features such as built in marketing and analytic tools, customised websites with professional product photography and design, integration with existing instore POS systems, instant order confirmations, time saving table booking options, and individually tailored iPhone apps for an even quicker ordering experience on the move, prove Zwift really is the toolkit for restaurants to stay ahead of the curve. “The enormous amount of research, analysis, testing and fine-tuning by Zwift has resulted in a polished and refined service which benefits everybody involved,” said Chandler. And it’s this powerful range of tools which enables restaurants to easily build their online presence, communicate effectively with their customers, gain powerful insights into their business and compete with the big industry players.