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- September 19, 2011 3 MIN READ

Bank Guarantees and Business Succession Planning

Michael Corbett-Jones began his legal career with Simpson Freed Lawyers in July 2004 prior to being admitted to practice as a legal practitioner by the Supreme Court of NSW in December 2004. Michael focuses his legal advice on the practical, commercial and financial issues in all of his client’s matters. He is an affiliated member of NSW Law Society and a Member of Sutherland St George Law Society. His qualifications includes a Bachelor of Laws with Honours (University of Western Sydney, 2003)  He was admitted to practice in NSW by the Supreme Court in 2004 and his areas of practice include Property transactions, residential conveyancing, commercial leases, Business Law, Estate planning, drafting wills and powers of attorney.  Michael will give his opinion on:

  • Bank guarantees
  • Business succession planning
Disabled People In The Work Force

Greg Standen helps micro and small business owners to identify their target market, then supply them the tools to reach that market. Greg started working as a telemarketer over 15 years ago as it gave him the work experience and allowed him to study at the same time as well as accommodated his physical limitations.  He originally started running his own telemarketing business in 1999 and it was then that he realized his services were in high demand.  In late 2010, after a long illness, he decided to startHassle Free Marketing Solutionsand branch out to offer clients a more complete marketing package, utilizing contacts in radio, print media, telemarketing, and I.T.  Follow Greg onTwitter, like him onFacebook, connect with him onLinkedIn.  Greg will give his opinion on:

  • Why people with disabilities find it hard to get a job interview
  • Medical needs of a disabled person in the workplace
  • Governments making it difficult for people with disabilities to work
  • Public housing and income restrictions
Sutherland Shire Business Expo

Shelley Britton is aCBI BusinessPerformance Coach and mother of two small children, and has mastered the art of balancing a successful career and the demands of motherhood. She offers business coaching for small to medium businesses and has offices in Bundeena, in the Sutherland Shire of Sydney.  She is also the Pink Belt Business Coach for the Success Women’s Network.   Shelley will give her opinion on:
  • The Sutherland Shire is one of the fastest growing business hubs
  • The excitement surrounding the first Business Expo for the Sutherland Shire
  • Why networking is the essential key ingredient in marketing a small business
  • Why the Business Expo is a great opportunity to exchange business referrals

Growing your fan base – Organic vs Paid Fans

With over 15 years in the services industry, Brendon Walker knows a thing or two about dealing with people. Combined with a love of Social Media and technology, Brendon provides businesses with sound advice on Social Media strategy around customer relations and business. A self confessed technology and internet nerd, Brendon spends way too much time online. So much so that most of his friends are now jpeg’s! Brendon provides Facebook for Business training regularly at the St George & Sutherland Shire Business Enterprise Centre. He is commonly found in the fetal position when his iPhone battery dies. Super fun guy! Visit Brendon’swebsite, follow him onTwitter, like him onFacebook.  Brendon will give his opinion on:

  • Definition of organic growth versus paid fans
  • Core reasons why business should focus on engagement with real people
  • What do the paid fans companies sell?
  • Why would someone consider paid fans?
  • The dangers of paid fans and hurting your brand
  • Good practices for strong organic growth


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