The Startup Lawyer!

- September 6, 2011 < 1 MIN READ

If there’s more than one person involved in a start up entity, it’s really REALLY important that they have some agreement as to how they think the entity is going to work.  More particularly, if they then propose to go off and start raising capital, they need to (i) have an appropriate structure into which the capital can be invested; (ii) have some idea as to what sort of investors they are seeking (eg, silent or mentors; loan funding or equity etc) and (iii) put together investor-digestible information about their entity to attract investors.

Sarah Zanon established Capital Legal in May 2011 as a specialist provider of legal and corporate services to entrepreneurs, SMEs and their investors.

CapitaLegal is an incorporated legal practice: they are a law firm.  “However, our experience extends well beyond the boundaries of “the law”.  By focussing on our client’s desired commercial outcomes, we aim to give clients the benefit of our extensive experience of the business world outside of the rarefied realms usually encountered in a firm of solicitors. It’s more than just legal advice – hence our description as a provider of legal and corporate services” says Sarah. 

They focus on providing advice and services in four key areas:

  • Capital Raising & Finance
  • Corporate & Commercial Law
  • General Counsel Services
  • Corporate Governance & Compliance


get in touch with Sarah at Sarah.Zanon@capitallegal.com.au