Sydney’s best Hackers converge on Sydney Uni

- September 25, 2011 < 1 MIN READ

The weather was perfect for it. Whilst most of us probably spent the weekend curled up watching a movie or 10 on the lounge with a pizza – the Sydney Uni IT building was a buzz with some of Sydney’s brightest and most innovative group of hackers. In teams of around 4 people everyone set up their gear and listened to a talk from some of Google’s best, before getting to work on brainstorming the Application they would be creating.

The ideas for the event sponsored by Science and Technology publication Elsevier, were nothing short of ambitious for a 24 hour time period. But an in-house Barista and full catering helped to make sure those energy levels and stomachs remained charged.

The winner of the day was the Application “Presentify” – an application that allows you to turn websites that you are on into a powerpoint style presentation. For more details on the day head over the the Sydney Hackathon facebook page.