Startup: Grapes 101

- September 13, 2011 < 1 MIN READ

“Grapes 101” is a smartphone App putting Grape Varieties at your fingertips!

Ever embarrassed by an endless wine list, by too many grape varieties or styles? And how to pronounce them?
Discover the different tastes of Sangiovese (SAHN-joe-VAY-zay) and Sagrantino (SAH-grahn-TEE-noh), and know how to say them! We may be over the ABC “Anything But Chardonnay” phenomenon but, as Australia is also “A Big Country” threatened by climate change, there has been an explosion of new varieties.

“Grapes 101” runs on iPhones and Android phones with details on all 171 unique grape varieties used in Australia n wine. It demonstrates we are rapidly adapting to the challenges of global warming, water shortages and consumer expectations.

“Grapes 101” lists varieties A-Z from Aglianico to Zinfandel under their 196 most commonly used names in Australia, and cross-indexes each by country of origin. Discover the 11 varieties that are uniquely Australian.

Is it red or white? Each variety is cross-indexed if it makes one or more of sparkling, dry white, red, rose, dessert wine, fortified and/or cask wine!

Learn how many vineyards have each variety planted – Shiraz tops the list with an incredible 2,580 – and iconic regional examples are provided for each variety. This draws on the VineFinders database of 5,400 vineyards, wineries and cellar doors – researched over 9 years of travelling and tasting by the VineFinders’ partners in 85 Australian wine regions.

Author Dick Friend writes amusing descriptions of members of the great family of wines – how they develop, mature, taste and indeed breed! – tantalising and teasing while educating his readers.

“Grapes 101” is an easy-to-navigate guide to the wine world which, when downloaded to your phone, is knowledge at your fingertips.

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