Startup: AdviDeals

- September 22, 2011 2 MIN READ

AdviDeals is Australia’s newest and most unique group-buying website. After observing the success of consumer group-buying sites, the founders of AdviDeals recognised an opportunity to apply the model to the industry they know best, Advertising.

The end result? A B2B platform for group-buying of advertising opportunities for business owners and marketing professionals alike. From print publications to radio and online, AdviDeals secures significant discounts on a range of advertising opportunities in some of Australia’s most well-known media.

AdviDeals offers media owners the opportunity to present their advertising media to a huge audience of business owners and marketers who are keen to try new advertising opportunities.

Founding Director Brenton Tickner said that the idea for AdviDeals emerged after years working with companies keen to try new types of advertising, but were constantly constrained by the financial risks of an advertising investment that might not work out.

“We are building a platform for media owners and marketing professionals to come together and try new advertising in a way that benefits both – marketers get access to discounted advertising and media owners get access to a large volume of new customers and potential future clients”, Brenton said.

According to Mike Brown, a Co-Founder at AdviDeals, “research shows that the service will be popular with a range of business types and sizes. The feedback has been that we won’t be replacing any advertising budgets or schedules, but will allow marketers to try new types of advertising at a discounted rate to reduce the financial risk.

The majority of the research respondents said that they keep a contingency or special opportunity budget of 10 to 20 precent of their overall advertising budget – “that works well for us”, Brenton said.

Set to launch this month, AdviDeals has the support of many high profile advertising executives. To celebrate the launch, AdviDeals is giving away an iPad2 to one lucky subscriber. To find out more, visit www.advideals.com.au