Startup: 3six5dates

- September 4, 2011 < 1 MIN READ

Shelli Trung is the founder of the international reality dating blog, 3six5dates.com – where ‘Sex and the City’ meets ‘Big Brother’ as many have called it.

It is a unique social experiment that follows four single, professional, and attractive females, in four different big cities across the world, as they tackle 365 dates between them in an attempt to answer ‘is finding true love just a numbers game?’. Shelli started her business, 3six5dates in January 2010 on a part time basis. Since then, her team has grown to a group of 20 volunteers across four timezones – most of them she has never met in person. As Shelli frequently comments, she manages her virtual team “without makeup on and in my pjyamas on most days!”.

Besides being a young, sole female entrepreneur in the web space (a rarity in itself), Shelli did not come from what you would call a traditional business or technical background.

“I arrived in Australia with my parents on a humanitarian visa. I studied to become a neuroscientist having completed a Bachelor of Science from The University of Melbourne. No one I grew up with had started or run a business.”

Despite all this, Shelli has been able to make her non-traditional business, which focuses on entertaining readers rather than educating, work.