Save Hundreds of Dollars on freight with Loadmax

- September 6, 2011 2 MIN READ

An innovative new website is set to set to save Aussie shoppers hundreds of dollars while also boosting the transport industry too. www.loadmax.com.au allows consumers to have freight companies bid for the transportation of their goods, including items that have been purchased on-line.

This ingenious money-saving online company – Loadmax.com.au – promises to revolutionise internet trading in Australia. The founder, Erin Mulvey, who comes from Wee Waa in north-west NSW, created the site to help provide more work in that local freight companies can now ensure that their loads are full and thereby lower carbon emissions too while also putting money back into consumers’ pockets.

Loadmax.com.au works through transport owners making similar journeysbidding online for the business of delivering online purchases to internet buyers. At present, it is estimated that 75% of trucks do not travel with a full load. This new system maximizes transport loads, thereby increasing efficiency and reducing CO2 production by ensuring transport space does not go wasted. By bidding for consumers’ business online, carriers can maximize their load and increase their revenue, whilst users can enjoy a reduction in haulage costs for their online purchases – a ‘win-win’ situation for both buyer and transporter.

The applications of Loadmax.com.au also extend much further, with implications for other industries, including haulage of boats, vehicles and even back-loading harvests, such as grain and cotton.

Erin started the company because she was frustrated at the high price of shipping when buying goods online as transporting an item from ebay is often twice as expensive as the cost of purchasing the item.

Loadmax.com.au is free to sign up with and involves no subscription fees with users only actually paying for work successfully secured. For transport owners, it means being able to generate more work without having to secure any extra leads.