Mobile Apps for Small Business

- September 12, 2011 < 1 MIN READ

www.HEOsoftware.com is taking the frustrations of small business and making a business out of it, by developing mobile phone Apps for marketing small business.

Despite all of the technology available today, many business owners are so busy doing stuff that it is nearly impossible to take the time out to look at exactly what they are doing and how to make things work better.

This was certainly the case for Derek Morgan. When the frustration of having to constantly rehash information for clients, follow-up messages, contacts and enquiries after meetings or returning to the office, it became clear that he had to do things differently.

Doing things differently ended up being the development of mobile phone application that allows small business people to easily use the power of the internet and social media to deliver powerful and effective marketing and customer service responses in seconds.

Realising that simply building tools was not the complete answer Derek has set about building a website designed to help small business navigate the maze that is the internet marketing world.

“We know every aspect of the difficulty that is the internet for small business. Coming from a very basic user of the net as an employee, to setting up websites, social media, automation and outsourcing, I had to learn a lot in a hurry” Derek recalls as he reflects on the start-up process. “This was time consuming, costly and a steep learning curve. We have set about building products and providing information to help small business avoid some those costs and time restraints”.

Innovating in the area of mobile phone Apps for small business www.HEOsoftware.com is giving small business owners back some time and helping make you money by marketing a little smarter.