Launching Soon: Style Rocks

- September 2, 2011 < 1 MIN READ

StyleRocks is Shoes of Prey for jewellery. Launching mid November, StyleRocks is the only online jewellery designer currently where you can design your own jewellery from scratch. StyleRocks gives you the ability to create fashionable and quality jewellery priced between $100-$400. Partnership with Australia’s largest wholesale jewellery manufacturer means savings are passed on to the customer, and also means profit from Day 1. Purchase from StyleRocks is motivated by either commercial occasions eg Christmas or Valentine’s Day or personal ones such as birthdays, wedding anniversaries, christenings, etc.

Women are also likely to use the site as a treat for themselves, or to create an item to go specifically with an outfit. Customisation options include choosing the metal, finish, engraving, embossing, adding charms, or insetting precious and semi-precious stones.

StyleRocks is largely self-funded but has also been successful in securing angel investment in return for a small stake of equity. Other key partnerships, other than the jewellery manufacturer, include a relationship with Blue Chilli, a venture technology business which focuses solely on technology startups. Apart from building the site, Blue Chilli also provides valuable insight, advice and direction.