Launching Soon: Group Grab

- September 13, 2011 2 MIN READ

GroupGrab (GG) is a selling platform that pushes Ecommerce 2.0 to a whole new level. Combining years of experience the founders have come up with a unique concept that battles some of the fundamental issues surrounding internet retailing today.
By limiting the amount of products for sale to a select few “Grabs” GG will be able to:

  1. Give each seller a featured listing on the homepage of the website
  2. Provide equal exposure to all sellers on the day and;
  3. Focus on effectively marketing each product/experience by professionally designing each listing. Including graphically edited product images and well versed descriptions.

The business model is highly geared on three main items:

  1. Member feedback: By doing so we are able to implement a formal referral system where GG members are able to suggest products and sellers they would like featured on the website for a reward. We believe involving members in product selection is crucial.
  2. Selling quality products at highly competitive prices: We have made it one of our core values not to make margins on any of our items for sale. This will allow us to have no bias over featuring lower end high margin products. Our service fee will only be charged once a product is sold and will be significantly lower to that of our competitors allowing sellers to pass on these savings directly to our members.  
  3. Providing offline retailers an online presence: We strongly believe online retailing is the way of the future but yet there are still so many sellers with great products that have no online exposure. GG will provide these sellers a unique platform to get online without disrupting their current operations.  

Sticking to a strong concept base GG will be able to overcome some of the key issues that have plagued retailers to this day. launching Soon the site is www.GroupGrab.com.au