Introvert, Extrovert – Does it matter in Business?

- September 2, 2011 2 MIN READ

Yes – I have been caught out, I am a huge X-Factor fan and Wednesday nights performance by Luke O’Dell had me in stitches – and I am sure many of you out there are still walking around with the song stuck in your head, like I am. The song got me thinking though – Does it matter if you are an introvert or an extrovert when it comes to work and business?

In my opinion, I think – Yes – it does. When I look at both from an entrepreneurs point of view and the point of view as an employee in a large company that employs 35,000 people worldwide – I am of the view that those who are more extroverted in general, seem to be the ones that attain the success – be that promotions, recognition or new business in the case of those who own a business.

Having said that – generally in my private life, I happen to be quite an introverted person – I like spending time by myself and working on my business ventures and I find general social interactions awkward and nerve racking – unless of course I am talking about business related things or a topic I am passionate about. The fact is though, in order to reach the goals I set myself years ago after high school, both in business and my personal life – I needed to become an extroverted personality and fast.

I found my confidence in Drama in high school and later studied performing arts full time when I moved to Sydney after high school. At the time I was convinced  was going to be the next Russell Crowe – and even though I eventually started down a completely different path outside acting – I found that the skills I learnt in acting such as confidence, voice work, stage presence, talking to camera etc – Have been pivitol to my current successes.

I think it is important that Introverted people, learn how to act the Extroverted role when it comes to business, basic traits such as confidence and presence go a long way in a negotiation.

What do you think? Introvert, Extrovert – Does it matter in Business?