Flowchart Your Future

- September 11, 2011 2 MIN READ

Like most startups, I too am sitting in the office on a Sunday. Currently in addition to my full time role as a sales manager, I run the Shoe String Launch Blog [website] and Shoe String Launch Magazine which comes out monthly – I am also co-founding another very exciting tech business with three other entrepreneurs. My theory is I can sleep when I go on that lavish mini retirement to Bora Bora…

Quite often I see other startups begin with a very simple concept and then add to it and add to it, until – Holy Crap, I now have a complicated and expensive, overwhelming mess on my hands to deal with. Things were starting to get like that for me, especially with Shoe String – I was becoming to obsessed with the HOW am I going to make money from this thing, and lost sight of the WHY am I doing it in the first place.

THE WHY: Through the Blog and Magazine I want to give Entrepreneurs and Startups a platform to get the word out about their venture and inspire and inform them about what is happening in the startup community.

So I stripped back the over the top plans, and re-focused and it feels great. One of the tools that I used to refocus myself – was a Flow Chart – I started with the end goal – Who I want to eventually sell Shoe String Launch to, and why they would buy it. then I worked backwards – What are the steps / milestones that would need to happen before we can get to that point – I identified seven main ones and now I have my plan of attack. Now obviously profitability is a part of that, but now I have a clear strategy of how I am going to get there without diverting off the path with quick money making ideas that are really in the end just expensive distractions.

This has also been implemented with the tech business as well – the good thing with having others on board with you is that they are able to keep you focused. Hence the importance of regular meetings with your mentor for the solo entrepreneurs out there.

What keeps YOU focused?