Dress Your Windows With Stunner Shades

- September 30, 2011 < 1 MIN READ

Who needs traditional blinds or curtains when you can dress your windows in tasteful and aesthetically pleasing panels?

Introducing DecoGlide, Australia’s first designer screen system for windows, created by the creative minds of architect Meriam Salama, and solicitor Marianne Sourial from Melbourne-based design firm, Twenty Six Letters.

This innovative interior design is a laser cut window covering that slithers on a tracking system, somewhat similar to that of your sliding screen door, but much more appealing.

Its architectural design means it’s easy to install, operate and maintain. Less time cleaning, more time “wowing” your guests.

“The DecoGlide is much more than just a window treatment; we designed it to enliven and enrich the quality of any room,” says Meriam. 

These laser cut coverings came in 12 different designs, three types of materials – timber, acrylic and polyester – and 24 stunning shades. The chic designs welcome natural light, which casts changing shadows in the room, whilst offering privacy and forms as a veil from harsh sunlight and heat.

“The screens transform potentially difficult or unsavoury spaces into something appealing and joyful,” says Meriam.

The DecoGlide is ordered online and custom-fit to your window’s measurements. But, if you have a personal design in mind, Twenty Six Letters also offer custom-design services, to create your signature statement.

 The DecoGlide will cost you between $96.60 and $455 per square metre, depending on the material and design selected.

Call (03) 9016 2627 or visit www.twentysixletters.com.au for further information or to order online.