Discount Book saving Brides Thousands!

- September 5, 2011 2 MIN READ

Mention the word ‘ Wedding’  and to many brides it conjures up a day they have been dreaming about for most of their lives. Then comes a very real fear so brides believe, when starting to plan that the very mention of the W word will see the cost of their dream day possibly triple before their eyes!

Jeanette the creator of Bridal Discount Book says “There is a definite concern and desire for today’s brides to obtaining their dream day without the fear of costs skyrocketing. With majority of couples already paying off a mortgage, with young families or still going through study for their profession; achieving their wedding within budget
is of even more importance”.

For this very reason Bridal Discount Book’s online wedding directory has been specifically developed for brides and grooms Australia wide to find many different vendors covering everything  from engagement planning right through to the honeymoon. All offering superior quality and service along with very generous savings conveniently in the one place.

Since it’s inception 17 months ago Bridal Discount Book is now helping thousands of Australian brides & grooms find amazing wedding businesses while saving precious time and money.
“It’s possible for a couple in South Australia for example to save over $7,000.00 planning their wedding using the vendors on our directory, says Jeanette. “With the average Australian couple  spending approximately $28,000.00 on their big day, and most going 15% over budget we hope to be able to help many more brides & grooms stay out of debt”.

With so many wonderfully supportive vendors registered on Bridal Discount Book already, we are always interested to hear from any others that are willing to stand up and say that W is nothing but another letter in the alphabet!

For generous savings & offers from many of the best wedding vendors throughout Australia visit www.bridaldiscountbook.com.au and for a minimal $15 membership fee you can shop with confidence and know you are getting value for money.