Customers Raving about new Cloud Solution.

- September 14, 2011 < 1 MIN READ

In February 2010, Loryan Strant made the not-so-difficult decision to start Cloud consultancy, Paradyne. For Strant, Paradyne was the natural next step in a successful career in technology, filling what he felt was a huge gap in the market.

“Where many people get excited about the capabilities of technology, I found myself more interested in the end user experience” Strant said. “Cool stuff is well and good, but it’s only worthwhile if it’s usable and from a business perspective, cost effective and assists with meeting targets” he said.

In the last 12 months Paradyne has seen business grow exponentially, using Cloud technology to provide small to medium sized businesses with the sort of capabilities usually only accessible to major corporates.
“We’ve had some major wins for clients” Strant said. “One of our customers attributes a 40% profit increase in a single financial year to the implementation of their Cloud”.

In simple terms, Cloud technology allows a variety of business tools such as documents, email, meetings, business processes and even software to be accessed anywhere there is access to the internet. The right implementation often saves businesses money by reducing fixed IT costs, increases staff productivity through collaboration and improves security.

Above all though, Strant says “the real advantages for businesses adopting Cloud technology are seen when they have a customised solution – not something that’s just out of the box. It doesn’t need to cost any more, it’s just essential that it’s what the business really needs – not simply what the tech heads want to sell them”.