Big American Giveaway

- September 27, 2011 2 MIN READ

www.bigamericangiveaway.com is a daily giveaway site that enables brands to own a giveaway day that will see them offer their product as prizes to citizens of the USA. In order to be in with a chance to win the public are required to Like the brand on Facebook, post on their Facebook wall, Follow them on Twitter and engage with the brand across the internet.

The site has seen over 450 Giveaway days sold during it’s first 24 hours of launch to business owners in the USA, Australia and the UK, according to it’s owner, Mark Bowness.

Bowness, 32, an entrepreneur from London, UK, launched the website after his own struggle for business success, explains Bowness, “I had one success, Tribewanted.com, an eco-island in Fiji that gained worldwide media attention and even became a prime time BBC2 show. Nevertheless, after the subsequent failure of 2 businesses, during a world financial crisis, I spent a number of years working in social media. It was this online experience that helped me to understand what makes the public tick and engage with brands on the internet and Big American Giveaway was launched.”

At a time of economic down turn, when small businesses are struggling, Bowness is determined to create a cost effective marketing platform that will not only see small businesses survive, but result in positive and long term growth.

Launching on the 1st January 212, every day in each state, the public will be presented with a giveaway prize that they can win by engaging with the brand on Facebook, Twitter and across the web. Once the brands 24 hour giveaway period is over the winner will be announced and the company will retain their newly acquired Twitter and Facebook followers providing an opportunity to engage with these individuals further. Giveaway days start at $1, in each state and increase by only $1 per day. So, 1st January 2012 = $1, 2nd January 2012 = $2, 31st December 2012 = $366

With the launch of Big American Giveaway comes the promise of the ultimate “$1million giveaway”. Bowness adds,

“Times are tough. I know what it is like to have a dream, a passion or a goal and to have people around you tell you to give up on that dream. Once every single day is sold I am launching a competition for one American Citizen to win $1million in order to see their dream come true. The dream could be to start a new business, to launch a music career, build a dream house or develop a non-profit organisation. It does not matter what the dream is, one individual will win $1million and the backing of the public in order to see their dream come true!”

Businesses can promote their products to the USA by purchasing their 2012 Giveaway day immediately on www.bigamericangiveaway.com.