Would you Drink your Soap?

- August 24, 2011 < 1 MIN READ

Would you drink your soap?

Felicity O’Donohue from the The Karma Soap Company would!  Why? Because her home-based business is only one of a handful of soap companies that makes their soap from fresh goats milk and not powdered milk and other synthetic ingredients.

“I have a regular supplier of goats milk, so when I get the milk it is fresh from the goats that day,” Mrs O’Donohue went on to say “the benefits are endless when using fresh goats milk in soaps as the pH level in the goats milk is similar to that of our own skin.” 

‘This is the very reason that sufferers of the commonly known skin condition Eczema have become loyal and long-time customers.’ Mrs O’Donohue said.   A growing number of parents are also switching to our soaps as a healthy alternative for their children’s skincare products.

The Karma Soap Company make all their soaps using natural oils, providing the softest soapy lather all awhile delivering the natural oils, fats and Vitamins A and D that are contained within the goats milk, making a perfect soap for those with sensitive skin. Mrs O’Donohue makes all the soaps herself, in her kitchen, in small batches ensuring a quality product.

While some soaps are available without any colours or fragrance, Some fragrances proving popular are the Frangipani, Coconut Ice, Autumn Harvest, and the soaps with Essential oils such as Lavender, Lemon and Lime. “All of the products used to make our soaps are sourced locally to help support other small to medium businesses,” Mrs O’Donohue said.

For details on how you can purchase these and other products, contact Felicity O’Donohue at info@thekarmasoapcompany.com.au  or visit the website www.thekarmasoapcompany.com.au