WeTeachMe launches for $386.50

- August 7, 2011 2 MIN READ

WeTeachMe is an Australian startup that is paving the way for a new education model by providing a peer-to-peer learning platform that encourages people to learn directly from each other. The kicker is that all the learning takes place in the real world where the sense of smell, touch and sight play an integral role to the learning process. Says co-founder Demi Markogiannaki, “There are some things that can’t be stored or transferred online which is why the learning takes place in-person.”

Founded by Kym Huynh, Demi Markogiannaki, Martin Kemka, Rowan McSweeney and Cheng Zhu, WeTeachMe’s founders believe that investing in education is of paramount importance. Says co-founder Kym Huynh, “The proliferation of accessible tools combined with our own skills and knowledge, and of those around us, can be woven into an intricate network of intellectual capital that will have an incredible uplift effect.”

Co-founder Martin Kemka further adds, “It’s about the idea that each and every single one of us is capable of far more than we know.”

Sounds like a big idea doesn’t it? Here are some facts that will shock you. WeTeachMe was bootstrapped entirely by the founders and was launched for under $400 in total over 116 days of work; that’s roughly $3.33/day.

What may even surprise you even more is what the expenses were attributed to. Apart from server hire to launch the website, SSL certificates and venue hire to provide a venue for the team to work from, expenses prior to launch consisted mostly of coffees to keep the team awake and food to power them on.

Development work and design work were conducted in-house whilst communications and social media strategies were borne straight from the expertise of the individuals involved.

Upon reflection, co-founder Cheng Zhu quips in, “If we all brought our own food and drink, we could have launched WeTeachMe for approximately $150.”

WeTeachMe is currently online at www.weteachme.com and is currently looking for people interested in teaching 1-1 lessons or workshops. For more information, please contact hello@weteachme.com.