Think Yourself Slim

- August 15, 2011 2 MIN READ

Adam Mule’ has been delivering a 7 Step ‘Slimming Mindset System’ in a one on one environment with amazing results, and is now building a community of people who share similar goals and have the support of an intimate group, to enable his clients to reach and maintain their goals so much easier.

Think Yourself Slim believe that the solution to long term sustainable health and weight loss lies within each person. It is just that over the course of our lives we can lose contact with this through built up and unsupportive emotions, indirect benefits that we have created in a bid to keep us “safe”, strategies that been learned and repeated over time forming bad habits, associations to food and exercise that are not conducive with our goals, and beliefs that we have picked up along the way that sabotage all our hard work.

“Many people have told me that they have just lost their motivation, but once explored they notice that there is always a ‘motive’ which drives them to action or inaction. Until we address what is underlying, it does not matter what restrictive diet and forced exercise program we embark on we end up losing the same weight over and over again.” says Adam

Adam spent a lifetime suppressing emotion and relying on food as the coping mechanism. He was 20 kilos overweight and even after developing the regular habit of exercise – even after becoming a personal trainer — exercising was just a license to over-eat. After experiencing his own personal transformations and maintaining a healthy, sustainable weight for years, Adam has devoted his life to helping others truly transform and reach their health and weight goals.

Think Yourself Slim now run regular workshops that focus on ‘Education and Transformation’ providing their clients with a new ‘Power-Mindset’ which no one can take away, leaving them empowered to manage their own health and wellbeing for the rest of their lives.