The Sophisticated Spiritual Jewellery Line

- August 30, 2011 2 MIN READ

“Gemstones have been worn for hundreds of years not only as adornment, but for the energies these crystals contain. They each had a sacred meaning. In ancient cultures their spiritual healing properties were as important as their ability to adorn,” says Eilish Bouchier, creator of Shashen Jewels.

The launch of this new line of luxurious, semi-precious jewellery offers Australian women a collection of pieces that are not only beautiful but deeply spiritual. The unique handcrafted and hand-finished jewellery incorporates gemstones that allow the wearer to channel the gems’ subtle energies. For example, the stunning ocean blue of aquamarine helps you express your truth with love, while the lustrous pearl embodies feminine wisdom and purity.

The collection includes rings, pendants, necklaces and earrings that hint at seasonal fashion trends but are designed to complement both contemporary and classic wardrobes with a simple sophistication. However, it is the combination of the energies of the gemstones and the beautiful designs that sets Shashen Jewels apart from many other contemporary jewellery collections on the market.

Shashen Jewels’ creator, Eilish Bouchier, has a deep understanding and appreciation of spiritual energy which she ‘intuitively channels’ as she designs the collections, making them much more than simply exquisite looking jewellery. “What constantly surprises me is how often people tell me that they feel a different sense of their own beauty and have people respond to them more positively when they are wearing my pieces,” says Ms Bouchier.

“My philosophy is to create jewellery that is infinitely wearable for all occasions so you feel beautiful and confident each time you wear it. It is designed to take you to the opera in New York or the races at Ascot, sailing in Sydney or hiking in Peru, to a wedding in Bali or a business meeting anywhere.”

Ms Bouchier has also drawn on her years of design experience gained in London, New York, San Francisco and Sydney to create a line of jewellery that brings together all her passions in one story: design, people, travel, learning, beauty, laughter, love and sharing.

Shashen Jewels are a collection of bespoke and cast pieces that display a confidence with colour, rhythm and balance; always surprising, unique and playful. “Each collection complements and builds on the others: pieces can be worn alone or layered, mixing designs, textures and colours to create an individual look and feel,” says Ms Bouchier.

For further insight into the energy and meaning of gemstones and to view and purchase Shashen Jewels online, please visit www.shashenjewels.com