The Four P’s

- August 8, 2011 < 1 MIN READ

Dean Parker has been in marketing for around 15 years. 5 years ago he obtained his Masters Degree in Marketing, late last year, and he went out on his own. “My definition of marketing is, Obtaining new customers and keeping the ones you’ve got”. So I work with businesses owners to come up with strategies that achieve this aim” says Parker.

“My focus is to make marketing easy, so avoid jargon, complicating things. Customers believe marketing will be difficult, expensive and unsure of the results. Our initial consultation involves me obtaining information from clients then explaining how I think we can help them. They seem relieved that that they understand my plans and see that they should help”.

One of Parker’s specialties is helping customers update the content on their website in order. “I have a few basic rules to follow – speak to the potential customer, make it easy to understand, don’t make them think and tell them of the benefits of the product/service, not just rattle off the product or services offered”.

“I also help customers with product launches, communication documents, planning and general marketing advice” says Parker.