The First Location based Group Buying Aggregator

- August 9, 2011 2 MIN READ

I know it feels like we are flooded with daily deals these days, but this new aggregator puts a new spin on it focusing on location rather than niche interests.

Australian shoppers can now view and subscribe to group deals near their location, making it easier for consumers to find relevant deals in the already saturated group buying market. With another first, DealFetch has integrated restaurant and hotel ratings into deal listings, ensuring consumers are better educated before making a purchase.

DealFetch combines deals from the 10 largest group buying providers in Australia, sorting them by category while adding geo-location data to every deal.  Users can receive a personalised daily email based on their interests, as well as view deals directly on the website.

Stas Belkov, co-founder of DealFetch, said: “There are now well over 20 group buying sites in Sydney alone, consumers can no longer keep up with the barrage of daily emails from these services. Now they can receive just one email per day with deals tailored specifically to their interests and whereabouts. We created this service as a way for Australians to easily navigate the group buying landscape, while improving the customer buying experience. There are some amazing deals on offer, but all too often people receive deals that don’t apply to them, or are located too far away.”

According to research firm Telsyte, the Australian group buying market is on track to exceed $400 million in industry revenues this year. Q1 revenues of $71.8 million rose to $123.9 million in Q2, a quarter-on-quarter increase of 72%.

“I think localisation is the future of group buying, together with niche operators that are able to specialize in one category of deals, and do it well. By getting local, consumers will benefit by discovering new and interesting services close to their neighborhood. This helps to encourage repeat business, improving the effectiveness of group buying promotions for merchants, “ Mr. Belkov said.

DealFetch currently operates both in Sydney and Melbourne, however the service will expand its coverage to include additional Australian cities over the coming weeks. The website is also expanding its deal database to include a growing number of new group buying websites.