Startup: Le Domaine

- August 8, 2011 < 1 MIN READ

Le Domaine was started by the founders of a web design and development agency, with 7 years experience in helping small businesses with implementing eCommerce strategies. Frustrated with the reluctance of their clients to fully embrace online retail, in Le Domaine the founders are demonstrating their own concepts and methodologies to drive excellent sales growth in a flat retail market. In its ninth month of operation, Le Domaine surpassed the $100,000 turnover per month milestone.

Le Domaine takes a fresh approach to online retail, unencumbered by the reluctance of traditional players to embrace the online environment. Offering a sophisticated and easy to use shopping experience, Le Domaine has a strong customer service and support focus while still maintaining the deep discounts and low margins afforded by online retailing.

With a strong emphasis on customer engagement, Le Domaine uses social media, blog posts and daily specials to build a solid relationship with our customers. This is reflected in our loyalty and repeat business figures, with approximately one third of sales coming from existing customers.