Startup: AppsWiz

- August 19, 2011 < 1 MIN READ

A new Aussie company has made it accessible for even the most technologically challenged people out there to create their own Application for the ipad and iphone. Startup AppWiz is a very simple, but very cool service that allows businesses to create basic yet effective apps for themselves.

In a nutshell you basically drag and drop the functions you would like to see in your app template and fill out the finer details, such as text. The App Wiz team then build your app and send it off to the iTunes store for submission. they then notify you when this step has been completed and your app is up and running.

AppWiz then host everything for you for a tiny monthly cost of around $29.99 – a minimal investment if the app is bringing your business a return on investment.

The thing I like about these guys, is that they lock in no contracts which means as a startup you only need to pay for what you are using.

Check them out at www.appswiz.com.au