Startup: Akitso

- August 28, 2011 < 1 MIN READ

A little while ago Nick Humphries needed a website created for a business he was just starting up. “As any business owner knows, the start up phase is notoriously difficult. Long days, late nights worrying about money and ALOT of stress! I didn’t have the time to make one myself, so I googled a few web design companies, finally picked one and paiid $1000 for a basic 5-page website. When it was finally completed, the homepage was a flop, a waste of money, and just added to my startup stress. After talking to a few SMB owners, I found that most of them had the same experience that I had. Akitso was born at the moment. Akitso offers $399 premium, fully featured websites for small businesses” says Humphries.

Although the price is extremely affordable, the buyer receives a professional website with more features than the expensive services. Features such as Google Analytics, a professional template, SEO management and set-up of Facebook and Twitter pages. “We’ve designed our business model in a way which will not sacrifice quality, and allow us to promote our services for cheaper than the competition” says Humprhies.

They also aim to complete websites within 5 days of receiving the request. Akitso has made web design fast, easy and affordable!