Sip Your Style

- August 29, 2011 2 MIN READ

Katrina Holden recently set up an online publication and information service called ‘Sip Your Style’ www.sipyourstyle.com.au, which covers drinks and style in general. Aimed at sophisticated consumers, aged between 25-50, predominantly female, Sip Your Style is about uncovering the faces, flavours and finesse around drinks. Unlike other sources of information around wine, beer or spirits, Sip Your Style ties in an element of fashion and style.

“The aim is to inject fun, fashion, social interaction and promote drinking in moderation and personal responsibility through being a ‘stylish sipper’,” said chief editorial officer, Katrina Holden.

Katrina comes from a publishing background, specialising in liquor. She has been an editor for the past 10 years, working on trade magazines to the liquor industry, including Drinks Trade, which is Australia’s highest circulating liquor industry magazine. She currently sits on the national board of directors of Wine Communicators Australia.

“It was really created to fill what I saw as a gap in the market. I have been repeatedly asked over the years for drinks recommendations or tips, by my friends and family, who for whatever reasons were not utilising the number of good, existing go-to sources and publications out there. I wanted to put drinks into a stylish and fashionable context and convey information about them in a fun and approachable way – still with ‘educational’ content from knowledgeable contributors, but presented in more of a lifestyle format,” said Katrina.

The team of contributors behind Sip Your Style are all highly knowledgeable about drinks – combining their expertise with a little glamour and style. Sip Your Style was launched in August 2011 and has plans to expand to include drinks events, which will have more of a fun and fashion-driven feel to them, and a number of other programs.

After many years too of seeing the developing anti-alcohol negative messages portrayed in the mainstream media, the goal with Sip Your Style was to create something that conveys some of the glamour, finesse and true craft behind drinks, and the people who devote their lives to making and serving them, showing that the majority of us can and do enjoy drinks in moderation and style.

“From a personal perspective, it was also to try something different and challenge myself in new ways,” said Katrina.