Sexy Little Startup

- August 23, 2011 < 1 MIN READ

Chanel Costabir founded the Lingerie Boutique at the age of 22 while studying a full time Psychology honours degree at University. Her love for lingerie and frustration as a consumer who found it very difficult to find high quality lingerie, lead her to jump on a plane to Paris in search of new designers to introduce to the Australian market.

It is Costabir’s belief that the right lingerie can provide much more than support and comfort. “It can empower women and help them to feel confident and sexy. I wish to transfer my “obsession” with lingerie to Australian women and inspire them to express who they are through styles which possess their own individual image”.

The Lingerie Boutique is Australia’s first-class online destination for luxurious lingerie. Through its carefully chosen designers and handpicked products The Lingerie Boutique provides women access to the finest European lingerie. The store provides a convenient place to not only buy lingerie but also establish it as the perfect indulgence.

The business has been currently running for 7 months and is going from strength to strength.