Sayso Weddings

- August 23, 2011 < 1 MIN READ

Kelly Hody runs a wedding website called SaySo Weddings and I guess you could say she is taking on the big guns. “When I started planning my wedding a couple of years ago I visited various wedding websites and joined some online forums. It wasn’t long before I realised that none of them quite met my needs. They were either really huge with lots of members which resulted in a lot of cliques and bitchiness, or they were really strictly controlled and censored with members unable to speak freely in their recommendations and feedback on various wedding suppliers, which became very frustrating very quickly. One particular wedding forum doesn’t let members even mention suppliers who don’t advertise with them. It was ridiculous!” says Hody.

So she started my own wedding website. It incorporates live chat, forum discussions, blogs, photo galleries and a supplier directory. We launched in Febr uary 2010 and we have been steadily building since then. Sayso now has over 700 members and 58 supplier listings in their directory and are growing steadily.

They now have an external consultant working on SEO and a website redesign, which we hope to relaunch by the end of the year. Something that started out of my frustration has become an actual business generating an income!

“We have built an online community which is friendly and welcoming and genuinely designed to make the wedding planning journey fun for our members and relieve some of the inevitable stress, We have a section where wedding suppliers can give their business a free plug and we also have a no-censorship policy so members know they can speak freely (within reason of course, obscenities and attitude towards other members are carefully monitored)” says Hody.


www. sayso.com.au