Renegade Rockstar Roadshow!

- August 2, 2011 < 1 MIN READ

You have heard the saying “it takes all kinds to make the the world go round” right? Well I am re-inventing that saying:

“It takes all kinds of entrepreneurs to make the economy go round!”

In the media we mainly focus on two types of entrepreneurs the clean cut suits and the new age casual clothes google types. But what about the guy that owns 3 tattoo parlours? The successful psychic or the over the top, out of the box business educators out there – are they not entrepreneurs as well? Of course they are!

A few weeks ago I got a call from a guy calling himself – Thor the Sales Warlord, yes that’s correct – Initially I was like ummm WTF – but after speaking with him and getting a bit more of an idea of what he was about, I thought to myself – there is definatley a market and demographic for that type of entrepreneur.

So if you are in Queensland the weekend of the 26th – 28th of August and you don’t fit in the box of what we see most entrepreneurs portrayed as in the media then get your arse over to the Renegade Rockstar Roadshow. It will be left of field, a great networking opportunity to collaborate and build business with other entreprenuer punks like yourself.

The roadshow will also walk you through step by step some real money making secrets for your business.

Check out the details www.renegaderockstarroadshow.com