Radio Show for Startups & SME’s!

- August 5, 2011 2 MIN READ

Tune into Radio 2SSR 99.7fm every Monday night from 6-8pm for ‘Angela’s Business Mix’- an informative and entertaining radio show all about  the world of small business.

Angela will help drive you home from work with a special mix of small business fun and facts.

Joined by regular weekly and invited guests in the areas of finance, marketing, coaching, health, legal and tax, Angela helps tackle all of the issues small business owners face in their day to day jobs.

Coming up on Monday the 8th of August.

Joel Norton is Chief Strategy Officer of Boost Marketing and a small business marketing consultant. He is an accomplished marketing professional with 22 years experience, and is passionate about delivering strategic, practical marketing solutions that help small business to be more profitable. Joel is also a sought after speaker on the elements of small business marketing. You can follow Joel on Twitter @BoostHQ, like him on Facebook or his small businessmarketing blog.  Joel will give his opinion on:

  • How to position yourself as a subject matter expert
  • Blogging for business
  • What is a blog
  • Benefits of having a blog
  • Different blog formats (written, video, audio)
  • Getting started

Denea Buckingham is publisher and editor of Gourmet Rabbit, a 140-page work of art combining the information and recipes of food industry leaders in a fun and vivacious style. Inside the covers you’ll find incredible culinary talents from Australia, Europe, China, Turkey and more. Wine, tea and chai from Greece, Sri Lanka and India nestle in with recipes for ingredients from King Salmon to black sesame and more.  Follow Denea on Twitter, Like Gourmet Rabbit on Facebook.  Denea will discuss:

  • Gourmet Rabbit and the future of it
  • Annual print publication aswell as free online website noticeboard for the food industry
  • Ways small business can branch out without having to hire another staff member
  • Use of social media specifically for the food industry

Andy Springer is a Serial Entrepreneur, starting his first business when he was just 14.  He has built successful businesses and failed beautifully in business too. Andy started out building tech companies which brought him good success but realised that it wasn’t his passion. In his mid-20s he decided to pursue his passion and shift his focus to building businesses focused on People and their self-development, personal improvement and their success in the business world. In 2006 whilst at a ‘pub business meeting’ with his now Business Partner, Jason Murray, Andy and Jason hatched the idea which is now the fast growing company, Rookie Recruits. In his day job he is known as the Jedi Master of ‘Talent Attraction’ he is, Andy Springer.  Follow Andy on Twitter, Like Rookie Recruits on Facebook.  Andy will give his opinion on:

  • The Rookie Recruits journey
  • Powering your Startup with Cloud technology
  • There is no ‘Talent Crisis’…. Hire the Attitude, Train the Skill
  • Attracting the best career start talent to your business no matter what your size
  • Becoming an Employer of Choice

Joel Curtis is the owner and principal psychologist of Life Resolutions Miranda. He holds a Master’s degree in Psychology and has over 12 years experience working in his chosen field. Joel’s passion is to help people reach their full potential. His firm belief is that you don’t have to be ‘nuts’ to see a psychologist. Joel works with individuals, couples and groups covering a range of issues including the all important ‘Work Life Balance.’  Joel will give his opinion on:

  • Time management
  • Goal setting
  • Dealing with setbacks
  • Managing staff
  • Working on your business
  • Switching off
Tune in via twitter @AngBizMix or see www.angelavithoulkas.com.au for more info.