Pitch Club: Get in front of Investors this week!

- August 15, 2011 2 MIN READ

Many aspiring entrepreneurs struggle with the uncertainty associated with transforming their idea into a valuable asset. The reality is that for an idea to become an opportunity to then become a business that can be sold, it needs to move through a number of definite and manageable phases.

Pitch ClubTM offers aspiring entrepreneurs a proven pathway to develop, evaluate, and get the assistance they need to capitalize on their ideas.

Of course part of the process means that the idea will evolve and the business opportunity will morph. Consequently, thinking about the idea as a static object is not optimal. Contemporary thinking about entrepreneurial ventures and ideas describes them as “a journey of moments and risks around short term actions”.

The Journey

In any entrepreneurial journey, the founder will need to navigate three main phases.

1. IDEA/OPPORTUNITY DEVELOPMENT: The idea needs to be identified, developed and expressed. Whether alone or in a team, on paper or orally, you will need to explain and ‘Pitch’ your idea to make it real; field criticism, questions and concerns before you move on.

2. IDEA/OPPORTUNITY EVALUATION: The idea needs to be assessed objectively by someone with the appropriate experience in new ventures. This assessment is just as important to the founder of the prospective business as it is to the prospective investor or partner/s.

3. IDEA OPPORTUNITY EXECUTION: To make it happen, you will need to undertake actions that communicate the work you have done, while executing what you can with what resources you have (time, money, knowledge).

These phases will necessitate you developing documents, slides, videos and other collateral both for your own internal idea development and to share (syndicate) with prospective partners, employees and investors. You also will need to do this in a manner that is both secure (so you are not sharing your IP with just anyone), auditable (who looked at what when?), and professional manner (after all, how you present yourself and your business will be indicative of your product/service quality and your own ability to engage professionally). To produce this collateral you will need guidance and help which you can get from books, advisers and education programs, or of course by experimenting and making mistakes, and then learning from those mistakes, the most effective education of all.

Pitch ClubTM Membership.

Pitch ClubTM Membership provides serious entrepreneurs with the ability to a. access networks (Pitch ClubTM National Pitching Events); b. use our ‘Opportunity Syndication System’ (OSSTM) Tool to manage the development and eventual syndication of your collateral and c. access our introduction service to connect with exclusive list of knowledge/service providers and investor and finance options who we endorsed as having quality services to offer their members.

The next Pitch Club is being held in Sydney on Thursday the 18th of August [next week] Shoe String will be there as well as other investors and entrepreneurs. Details on how to book your place are on the website www.pitchclub.com

We will see you there!