Physio’s Online

- August 28, 2011 2 MIN READ

In July 2010, Physiotherapist Karen Finnin launched a revolutionary website, www.physios-online.com. Physios Online is an online Injury Management Clinic, which is blazing the trail in the ‘eHealth’ revolution. Physios Online enables individuals to get a personalized assessment of their injury, to then receive a comprehensive explanation and rehabilitation plan, which they can carry out themselves. Physios Online has been developed for two main reasons:

1) To provide high quality injury advice to individuals that may have difficulty accessing health care, such as those who live or work in a remote location.

2) To bring control and quality to the plethora of generic health information available on the Internet.

For those curious about how a traditionally ‘hands on’ profession such as Physiotherapy can be translated to an online format, Finnin is happy to respond: “I pondered the same thing when I was dreaming up the concept, but I found three big reasons that helped me to see that this works”.

“Firstly, the first 10 to 15 minutes of a ‘real’ Physio consultation is spent in a non-contact question and answer format, guided by the Therapist. Following this, a good Physio should already have a clear idea of what they feel that the diagnosis is, and therefore what the management plan should be”.


“This can easily be done online, second, Injury management is moving away from complicated machines and techniques and more towards increasing understanding using clear explanations, and formulating a clear, graded rehabilitation plan for the patient to follow. This can also be easily transposed to the online format.

“Finally, if at any stage we feel that an online client requires a ‘real’ consultation with a Physio or any othe r health professional, we do not hesitate to recommend it. It’s as simple as that!”


For more information about Physios Online, please visit the website at www.physios-online.com, or email Karen Finnin at karen@physios-online.com