MoGeneration Launches Oomph.

- August 16, 2011 2 MIN READ

Mogeneration last week launched a new flagship business division, Oomph, named after its successful and innovative tablet publishing platform.

With one-in-four Australian households expected to own a tablet by 2015* and an expanding level of companies from variety of sectors embracing tablets, Oomph will focus solely on helping clients take advantage of the unprecedented opportunities for brands, business models and customer engagement via its easy-to-use and feature rich solution.

“It represents a new focus and fresh approach for our business. Mogeneration will remain as the parent company, but Oomph will have a greater presence in the marketplace and will be supported by a team working purely on the implementation of the platform.”

“Oomph is now as dynamic as the apps we want our clients to create. Oomph will deliver life, movement and the joy of tablet technology to our clients and product users.”

“Too often technology companies are viewed as cold and lifeless. Oomph’s mission and brand is about delivering an engaging and interactive experience to clients and their readers. Oomph has been built to allow business to captivate the true essence of tablets such as the iPad. It’s all about see, hear, touch and engagement”

“Oomph’s simply smart feature set enables companies to focus on design and creativity, while it looks after the technical development and support.”

“By fostering innovation and working closely with our clients, Oomph empowers companies to create excellence by truly capturing the true essence of tablet device functionality.”

“A recent innovation within Oomph was the integration of social media tools. We believe this will become an increasingly important way for people to discover new apps – when their friends promote and share their favourite apps. The integration of live Facebook and Twitter feeds, email and sharing has been embraced, especially in our consumer titles.”

Recently adding StreetPress, PwC, CSIRO Publishing, Hardie Grant, Sterling Publishing, Maxim, the Taxation Institute to its impressive client list that also boasts ACP, Haymarket, Fitness First, News Limited and Oxford University Press – companies are embracing the extra Oomph the platform delivers and successfully publishing on tablets.

“While our core market is magazine publishing, Oomph’s feature rich platform is also being used by a growing portfolio of businesses across wide-ranging industry for branded apps, engaging advertising and enterprise communications.”

“We expect the range of our portfolios and user numbers to further expand as an increasing number of companies see it as a crucial part of being an innovative brand, establishing market leadership and reaching global markets,” said Ahern.

Shoe String Launch will be looking more in depth at Oomph and the MoGeneration story in an upcoming issue!