Is smoking harming your Startup?

- August 24, 2011 < 1 MIN READ

I was watching an episode of Mad Men the other day, things have changed so much since the good old days havn’t they!

I started thinking to myself whilst watching a scene where all the men were sitting around in a meeting smoking cigarettes, how much things have changed. Smoking inside any building these days is unheard of let alone whilst conducting business. These days if you want to smoke during work hours you usually have to venture outside the premises and sometimes away from the office building completely. Is this wasting MORE time for businesses and impacting on their bottom line?

I decided to do an experiment the other day and noted down when employees at my office left the building to go down stairs to have a cigarette break, in total 2 hours of the work day – excluding lunch were eaten up by taking breaks to suck down a ciggie.

I have nothing against smokers, but I do take issue with an average of 10 hours a week worth of wages I am paying out as a business owner being spent by employees being spent on activities that do not make me money.

What measures do you have in place in your startup that will prevent you from doing the same?